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A little about me

ABC Dog Training is training for the real world and our core philosophy is to create a positive relationship with owner and dog. We can help with obedience and behaviour modification thereby restoring some balance for everyone. Some people feel embarrassed, helpless, frustrated sometimes to the point of giving up their dog. 

If you feel at a loss or if you just want to walk your dog confidently and stress free please contact me and I will show you how to fix behaviours that you thought or were told could never be fixed. I do not just work to correct present behavioural issues I can also prevent further issues from cropping up in the first place.

I look forward to meeting both human and canine friends alike!


“Ever since I got my dog I was told huskies can NEVER be off lead. With the help of ABC Training my dog enjoys time off lead and I feel confident doing it."  ​

Malcom Ogilvie, Storm's owner


“Carol has helped me put in place basic obedience work and structure with my new puppy. We have seen her come on leaps and bounds and cant wait to continue our training!"  ​

Hayley Hogan, Daisy's owner


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