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                  Puppy Training

   . Positive foundation training 

   . Toilet training

   . Obedience training

   . Crate training

    £40 per session  


One to One training

  • The training offered is to help with real life situations that happen on a day to day basis 

  • Lead pulling/reactivity

  • Aggression towards other dogs/animals

  • Constant barking

  • Resource guarding e.g. aggression when removing items such as food bowl/toys/sticks

  • Off lead recall

  • Jumping up

  • Separation anxiety

The above list is an example but not exhaustive of all behaviours 

Sessions typically last 2 hours


refresher/follow up session within 6 weeks £40

*Mileage charged at 50p per mile after the first 5 miles from business postcode

*Please note that should the training run over the allotted time there will be no extra charge.


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